Features of Repro Manager

Welcome to Repro Manager, the computer application that can manage all of your small animal reproductive records. This application was developed within the Olney Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital to organize paper work for bitches that were bred and for males whose semen was being chilled, shipped or frozen and stored within the hospital. The application is a result of working with clinical cases over the last two years. Aside from being easy to use, the program mimics the method most veterinarians use to handle cases in small animal reproduction.

Features associated with the male

New Freezing
Collection Screen

Frozen Semen
Storage System

When you are working with a male, Repro Manager allows you to utilize several functions that will assist you with numerous aspects of your breeding visit. Five functions which you are able to toggle between during the office visit assist you in storing the information you collect. They are the following: Visits, Straws, Transfers, Storage, and Inseminations.

Each of these functions directs you to a different area of the program designed to help you with the storage of collection information, evaluation of the semen which gives you a total sperm count, suggests the number of straws you can produce from a freezing, records the straw's location in a storage system that you can customize for your storage tanks and view at any time, records information about the collection, generates transfer reports to send to other collection centers, prints reports making the data easier to analyze and view, along with many other beneficial functions. The computer system will also track any disposition of the frozen semen you have stored. By disposition we mean the use of any of the stored frozen semen by: doing a test thaw on one of the straws, using stored frozen semen to breed a bitch, transferring frozen semen to another hospital, and discarding of frozen semen if it no longer needs to be stored.

The male portion of the application allows you to:
  • Transfer report for frozen semen
  • Chilled semen report with directions for insemination
  • Male soundness examination and report
  • Litter registrations linked to males' chilled or frozen semen
  • Publication of frozen semen data to website which completely manages your paperwork to the AKC
Client and Pet Information

Client and Pet

When using Repro Manager your first steps will be to enter client and pet information. This allows you to store all of the information on both the client and pet in the program. The client information includes contact information, financial information, and additional miscellaneous notes about the client. The pet information allows you to store name, breed, DOB, identification descriptors such as color, weight, height, etc.

Registration information including sire and dam name and registration number, DNA, microchip, and tattoo information, miscellaneous notes, and even a picture of the pet. This information is then stored for you using a database method and is easy to edit or add to at any time while you are using the program. This enables you to retain all of your breeding client information and store it in one location making it simple to organize, analyze, and retrieve.

Features associated with the female

Female Main Screen

Repro Manager, Main Screen

Over the years we have used various forms in our practice to track the ovulation of bitches we have bred. We found ourselves recording this information on various records, for example, on client exam forms, laboratory reports, semen evaluation forms, and others. We decided to develop a system that would consolidate this information onto one comprehensive form.

Furthermore, we realized that even with one comprehensive form we had no way to compare the results among the bitches we bred other than pulling out the record for each bitch. Therein, Repro Manager was conceived. It provides us with a charting system for tracking bitches through their estrus cycles and recording data such as: progesterone values, LH values, cellular changes related to vaginal smears, insemination data related to times of insemination, type of semen used, method of insemination, quality of semen, projected whelping dates, actual whelping date which then records actual gestation, type of delivery, numbers and genders of pups, and reports such as Who's Due and when, Pregnancy Probability, Pregnancy Rates, and Insemination and Whelping data.

Program Screen Highlights

Insemination & Whelping
Data Report

Pregnancy Probability
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