Welcome to Repro Manager

Welcome to Repro Manager, the computer application that can manage all of your small animal reproductive records. This application was developed within the Olney Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital to organize paper work for bitches that were bred and for males whose semen was being chilled, shipped or frozen and stored within the hospital. The application is a result of working with clinical cases over the last two years. Aside from being easy to use, the program mimics the method most veterinarians use to handle cases in small animal reproduction.

Repro Manager

The application was developed utilizing the Access Database which enables users to easily store and retrieve information. We have designed the application with an open architecture which allows us to make modifications more easily. We encourage feedback from new-users which will help us improve future updated versions of the program that will benefit our clients.

The female portion of the application allows you to:
  • Follow the progression of progesterone levels during the bitch's estrus cycle
  • Record insemination data related to the time of insemination, type and quality of semen used, and method of insemination
  • Project whelping dates
  • Analyze breeding data through reports such as Who's Due, Pregnancy Probability, Pregnancy Rates, and Whelping and Insemination Data
  • Synchronize data to the OVT web site to share records and information with veterinarians throughout the world
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Special points of interest
  • Easy to navigate
  • Printable reports
  • Customize settings for your practice
  • Organize all records on the computer
  • Access client files in two clicks
  • System to track and locate frozen straw locations
  • Performs reproductive calculations for you
  • Replaces paperwork

The male portion of the application allows you to:
  • Document and store information on chilled and frozen semen
  • Setup a storage system for frozen semen
  • Track the disposition of frozen semen
  • Record, store, and report on chilled semen, frozen semen, and male soundness
  • View results of male soundness examinations
  • Print reports related to chilled and frozen semen and results of male soundness examinations
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